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Pixelated Sunrise

Pixelated Sunrise

Custom made for Ruth, a tattoo artist. This painting is inspired by her favorite colors. The colors that inspired her to become a tattoo artist in the first place.

She shared a beautiful story with me, the one of how she found her calling to create permanent art on people's bodies. Before tattoos she struggled with her own body’s image, until she began covering her skin with art. Those stretch marks she was embarrassed of were now transformed into something she was proud to display. Her self-love grew with every tattoo she added to her body’s collection, until she decided she wanted to help others feel this way too. When she began apprenticing, her favorite colors to incorporate into her designs were yellow, orange, and teal. It was my honor to make her a kaleidoscopic painting displaying the colors that celebrated her calling. The colors that inspired enough joy to motivate her to endlessly create, are now proudly displayed on canvas in her gorgeous tattoo studio.


Painted in mid 2020, 48 x 24 inch acrylic on canvas.

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